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Our team of in-house investment experts are available to answer your AMH questions

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The Advantaged Investment

Percentage Funded - 1%

The Advantaged Investment is tailored for smart investors which provides fixed income on maturity quarterly for 5 years plus life time income. Investors who require a higher and sustainable level ...

Location Abijo, Lekki
Offering Size ₦175,000,000.00
Min/Max Investment ₦50,000.00/₦6,250,000.00
Projected Returns 250
Invest Details

Fairfield Apartment Investment

Percentage Funded - 10%

Fairfield Apartments, Abijo within the New Lagos City Estate scheme aims to provide a return of capital at maturity, provided you invest for the full 5 years with 150% ROI. ...

Location Abijo, Lekki
Offering Size ₦300,000,000.00
Min/Max Investment ₦6,250,000.00/₦25,000,000.00
Projected Returns 250
Invest Details

Mansfield Estate Investment

Percentage Funded - 1%

Middlechase Property LLC through AMH Capital is inviting interested investors to co-own and earn CashFlow from Mansfield Estate which is a 28 Units of Terrace House and 40 Units ...

Location Ogombo, Lekki
Offering Size ₦75,000,000.00
Min/Max Investment ₦5,000,000.00/₦25,000,000.00
Projected Returns 250
Invest Details

Easthampton Estate

Percentage Funded - 5%

Easthampton Estate located at Abijo GRA is our real estate investment of purposefully designed green architecture in a serene and lush environment for people with class. Become a Stakeholder and ...

Location Abijo GRA, Lekki
Offering Size ₦80,000,000.00
Min/Max Investment ₦500,000.00/₦15,000,000.00
Projected Returns 140
Invest Details

Viewpoint Plaza Office Letting

Percentage Funded - 15%

As part of our effort to expand our reach and base to service our customer base on the Lekki corridor we are opening investment opportunity for interested persons to earn ...

Location Ajah, Lekki
Offering Size ₦33,000,000.00
Min/Max Investment ₦110,000.00/₦2,200,000.00
Projected Returns 220
Invest Details

Eastland Golf Estate

Percentage Funded - 35%

Eastland Golf Estate is our newest investment of purpose built family golf estate within the New Lekki corridor, Awoyaya. Become a Stakeholder and Earn returns on every plot of our ...

Location Awoyaya, Lekki
Offering Size ₦75,000,000.00
Min/Max Investment ₦100,000.00/₦7,500,000.00
Projected Returns 180
Invest Details

Okota- Deluxe Investment

Percentage Funded - 75%

Okota Deluxe is a joint venture development between land owner and Middlechase Property Limited for a development of 10 Units of 4 Bedroom Terrace House at a choice location just ...

Location Okota Area
Offering Size ₦30,000,000.00
Min/Max Investment ₦250,000.00/₦5,000,000.00
Projected Returns 200
Invest Details

Alubarika Renovation Investment

Percentage Funded - 100%

Alubarika Renovation Project is an upgrade development of 6 Units apartments at Ijesha area of Lagos with intent to share proceeds from rent with investors annually for a period of ...

Location Ijesha, Lagos
Offering Size ₦7,500,000.00
Min/Max Investment ₦3,000.00/₦750,000.00
Projected Returns 300
Invest Details

Are you completely new to real estate investment or if you
would like a quick refresher on the basics, a good place
to start would be our educational materials.

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What Is AMH also known as Add More Homes LLC is a real estate investment platform that makes it easy for ordinary people to invest in real estate opportunities together. As an investor, we connect you to a broad range of debt and equity real estate investments. For borrowers and sponsors, we provide debt and equity financing that brings innovative projects to live.

Invest with as little as N50,000. Each investment property is tied to a real estate investment company that deals with the normal hassles such as development, construction, waste management, drainage, tenancy occupancy, rental considerations etc. Pool money with like-minded investors to make investments that are otherwise difficult to access.

It's an incredible offer, secured long term profits and cashflow. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the team from AMH who have been very professional, informative and above all a listening team. I have purchased an investment in Freedom Park Estate. I am convinced that I am in very good hands and I have made a wise investment with a first class professional and honest organization. I have definite intentions to invest again in the future. I recommend anyone who has not had a real estate investment experience to contact AMH as its all smooth sailing. I wish AMH and its partners all the success now and in future, as we are a family now. What else can I ask for?

Dr. Olanrewaju .B

AMH Investor

p>As regards investment, I would like to put my money where I can sleep and still be sure that the money is working for me, that is exactly what AMH Capital has done and is still doing. The only difference when it comes to investing is that people want it now but real-estate investment will not give you that. The general believe is that the higher the risk the higher the return but I know real-estate has a low risk and high return. One good way to hedge yourself against recession is to invest more in investment deals that can guarantee you consistent cashflow to fund your luxury lifestyle.

Mr Precious

AMH Investor

p>I learnt about AMH Capital and Middlechase Property through a WhatsApp contact of mine that I've never seen before and she told me about an investment opportunity in rental income which I invested in after doint my due diligence and a visit to their website, its was a risk but I would say I am a risk taker and whole and behold my account was credited with returns as promised. I am always looking out for real-estate investment deals from AMH Capital to as they are still the very best around that I can recommend and vouch for.

Mr Chukwuka E.

AMH Investor

How To Get Started

As long as you are ready we are ready, there is no cooling off period. Investors can create an AMH Account today and invest the same day!
A quick way to jumpstart the process as a newbie is to first get acquainted with AMH and our online help assistance. A great way to start is by emailing me Esther Okenwa, Head of AMH Investor Relations at or call me 0807 1834 960 .

I would be glad to explain in-depth details on every of our investment offerings to you which would help you make a better decision on your investment.

How Do I Invest?

To show AMH company that you’re interested in our offering and to initiate the investment process simply click “Invest” on an Investment page. Once you click “Invest” there are four steps (listed below) to close an investment.

Step 1

Register As An Investor

You are required to register with us with provision of proof of identity to become a registered investor with us

Step 2

Certify Accreditation

We require you to be a registered investor to invest in any of our offerings or real estate investment plans which is our accreditation system

Step 3

Review & Sign

After your accreditation is certified, the offerings would be available for your to subscribe and contract documents will be sent to your inbox for review & signature

Step 4


Payment options would be made available to you to fund with your required amount and watch your earnings real time on our platform

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